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Company "LANDGREIN" LLC - is the owner of modern groats mill, located in the central part of Ukraine. Our experts have been engaged in the supply of cereal grains for over 10 years.

During this period, we have strengthened partnership in the supply of raw materials with the largest manufacturers of corn in Ukraine.

This allows our company to organize an annual smooth work.

The company produces the main products such as corn grits -4 ad corn grits "5  according to the existing GOST 6002-69, fine corn grits "Euro", corresponding to TU U 15.6 - 30344016-001:2010, corn grits "European 101" (TU U 10.6 - 37700763- 001:2015), corn grits "European 108" (TU U 10.6 - 37700763- 002:2015), coarse ground corn flour and fine corn flour (GOST 14176 - 69) used in brewing, confectionery industry, manufacturing of crackers, corn sticks, corn flakes, breakfast cereals, production of medications and baby food.

The secondary products of processing are used in oil and fat industry and for the production of feed mixtures for poultry and livestock.

We have an experience in the implementation of long-term contracts, and strive to conclude new agreements with counterparties, wishing to maximally satisfy their needs.

At the same time we expect for the development of our own production capacity, while continuing to ensure a systematic approach to quality of service for each client.

Productivity of our manufacturing for today allows to provide processing of more than 35,000 tons per year, and the finished products are exported to CIS and far abroad countries.

Each batch of products is accompanied with relevant quality documents, in which specified quality indicators with the marks of the control of toxic elements, mycotoxins, radionuclides and pesticides.

All the products of "LANDGREIN" LLC are labelled and have hygienic conclusions, certificates of toxic safety, protocols for radioactivity and the absence of GMOs.

Input quality control of raw material is carried by the production and technological laboratory.

Production of safe products of impeccable quality is the key priority in the work of our company.

Our company has developed and implemented in the production the system of food safety management ISO 22000:2005 during 2014 - 2015 years, and from February 2015 has international quality certificate.

Implementation of system of food safety management has created the necessary conditions of production, under which the consumer is guaranteed to receive high-quality and safe product. Moreover, it gives additional opportunities for the expansion of exports to countries of the world where food safety management system is an essential requirement.

The main advantages of our company:
- the manufacturing process of our factory is continuous during the entire calendar year; 
- we strictly abide obligations to the partners (stable quality, timely shipments, optimization of logistic tasks);
- we maintain competitive level of prices due to the lack of additional dealership chains (direct deliveries from the production).

"LANDGREIN" LLC has its own business philosophy, the basis of which is a constant manufacturing contact, qualified mutual support and professional counseling of partners and customers.

We do not stop on achieved. We are learning and improving constantly.